Case Studies




As oil prices lowered, a top Middle Eastern government wanted to expand tourism to develop its non-oil revenue.



  • Assembled all stakeholders to listen to their priorities for the country’s new tourism development strategy.

  • Analyzed and quantified the country’s visitor economy’s social-economic impact. We intentionally differentiated between tourism asset/product development and tourism promotion programs. We looked at inbound and outbound tourism trends, shifts over time, comparing relevant benchmark countries, and obtaining insight directly from their top tourism development-related authorities.

  • Managed and deployed a team that fanned out across the government ministries to obtain their input on tourism areas ripe for improvement, shortcomings, and “blind-spots” of the country’s tourism authority.

  • Organized and ran project milestone meetings to present and validate the country’s future tourism vision, priority sectors, and KPIs to incorporate government stakeholders feedback.

  • Authored country’s tourism development strategy, approved by the Cabinet and the Head of State.



  • The tourism authority used the strategy we built to make their case for more government investment and prioritization in the tourism sector. Shortly after the strategy was approved by the Cabinet, the government partner’s budget expanded 43% year-on-year.

  • The new strategy and plan have proven to be a driving force in municipal redevelopment and stimulating tourism. For this engagement, the government funded resources to revitalize communities.

  • Earned extremely positive qualitative feedback from the president of the tourism authority.




Swift action was needed when a client learned that upcoming legislation that said only local nationals could be local drivers which undermined its sharing economy business model, threatening its $80m in-country market.




  • Documented and organized client-specific needs.

  • Established a current assessment, creating an executive dashboard of upcoming policy challenges for leaders pressed for time to get up to speed - weekly.

  • Drafted campaign plan, which client used to get internal departmental buy-in to support the firm's rapidly expanding MENA business plans.


  • Developed the company-sponsored "Tech Policy Breakfast Forum" series.

  • Built thought leadership for campaign:

    • Developed white paper that policy leads could use as thought leadership as basis for conversation with national leaders.

    • ​​Authored thought leadership op-eds to popularize and socialize a business-friendly local sharing economy.

    • Organized a cross-government ministry task cross-government force which had to approve all national government programs of this nature.  

Legislative Action: 

  • Crafted submissions on upcoming legislation citing economic impact showing how further nationalization would affect the country’s investment climate.

  • Executed roundtables on trends of regulatory approaches of top international governments. The purpose was to subtly lobby government stakeholders by showing the net impact of adopting business-friendly laws while demonstrating the difficulties of executing muscular ones.

  • Drafted business-friendly language for the bill to reshape its harmful aspects.

  • Provided tech company’s leadership with visibility every step of the way.



  • Used the project as a vehicle build-up interdependencies with hard-to-reach national decision-makers.

  • We obtained an exemption for our client from the Finance Ministry.


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