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The MENA Catalyst team is comprised of Harvard Law School and Google alumni are the world's foremost experts on the Middle Eastern technology sector and the power-brokers who drive them. We are senior experts with over 90 years of combined expertise and our strong and reliable connections span the Middle East.


Media, tech companies, and government officials worldwide regularly request our expertise on Middle Eastern topics such as:

  • Inside government high tech plans.

  • The changing rules of the game in the Middle East high tech boom.

  • Tech giants expanding in KSA.

  • Deep dives into UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia's digital economies.

  • High tech opportunities in the Middle East.

  • New horizons of Gulf government investments in technology.

  • Attracting high tech multinationals to MENA.

  • Evolving government high tech plans for economic competitiveness and growth.


Sam Blatteis, CEO

Sam Blatteis is an authoritative Middle East high tech policy expert who has spent the past 20 years advising the world’s largest technology multinationals on government relations. As Google’s previous Government Affairs lead in the region, Blatteis had a unique perch on the front-lines of Arab high tech policymaking where he delivered multi-faceted, full-scale policy campaigns within the Middle East for Google.


Blatteis co-led the project design and development of national projects to equip one million Arab youth with digital literacy skills, which quickly became one of the most prominent philanthropies in the Middle East.


His analysis on the region is frequently cited in The Economist, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fortune, and Forbes, among others.


Blatteis studied Arabic and Chinese and is fluent in both. Previously, he worked and lived in New York, Los Angeles, Cairo, Riyadh, Damascus, and Silicon Valley. He holds a Master's degree on Gulf Public Policy from Georgetown University and a Bachelor's degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs from Occidental. He is based between Dubai and Riyadh.